17 Amazing Pizza Cutters

Pizza is one food item that people can’t get enough of. Though originally Italian, Pizzas have become a staple food of the people of several countries around the world. The freshly baked smell of the pizza crust dripping with melting cheese can drive anyone crazy.

However, to cut and have pizzas in equal sizes is one big task. As cheese melts on the pizza crust, the later becomes soggy and weak, slipping the toppings off the surface. This becomes more of a headache when the base has to be cut in equal sizes. But now no worries, for we have brought to you some of the best looking pizza cutters in the world. Have a look at the best pizza cutters available in the market and make sure you have them to get your delicious pizzas equally “sliced”.

Chainsaw Pizza Cutters

If you have a penchant for the dramatic, then this “Chainsaw Pizza Cutter” might be just your cup of tea. The “Chainsaw Pizza Cutter” as the name suggests will come in the form of a chainsaw, and it will slice through pizzas with relative ease with the help off rotary blade on the other end. This could very well be the manliest thing in your kitchen and would make a great gift for any man in your household.

Pizza Cutter Scissors

Have you ever thought of cutting your pizza with scissors? Sounds weird right? But this “Pizza Cutter Scissors” makes it possible and easier to cut and serve the pizza. The pizza cutting scissors are amazing and make low tech innovation look like pure genius. This pizza cutter combines a spatula and a pair of scissors, so while you cut the pizza to your liking, you also handle it on the spatula at the same time.

Pizza Cutter

This Multi bladed pizza cutter consists of a solid steal ring attached to eight mental wedges that guarantee that your pizza pieces are of the same sizes. Designed to easily and simply divide a pizza into 8 equal slices, the cutter ensures that there is no more fighting over the bigger piece of pizza.

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Twirl N’ Take

Pizza Cutter + Digital Camera = “Twirl N’ Take”. Yes this is true for here is a pizza cutter which has got digital camera. Sony has bought a cross between a camera and pizza cutter that generates enough power to take a picture in fifteen seconds.

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Toolbox Pizza Cutter

The “Toolbox Pizza Cutter or Pizza Boss” earns its name due to its resemblance to a circular saw. It might look like it belongs in your toolbox but it really belongs to your kitchen drawer. Designed like a power tool and made to cut pizza more easily than any regularly pizza cutter, the mini table saw is made of stainless steal blade that is sure to cut through the deepest or hardiest pizza and also sports a removable shield for easy cleaning. This Toolbox Pizza Cutter or Pizza Boss is surly the king of all the pizza cutters.

Easy Rider Pizza Cutter

Industrial artist Frankie Flood has used inspiration from the world of customized motorcycles to design this unique pizza cutter. This “Easy Rider Pizza Cutter” shown here has utilized such industrial processes as metal stamping; powder coating and anodizing to bring a custom chopper feel to otherwise ordinary pizza cutter. This Pizza Cutter is in league of its own with the carved racing stripes, conservation color and gear cutter to make sure each slice will be a clean cut.

High Boy Pizza Cutter

High Boy Pizza Cutter” seems a little scary to use but guys will love this pizza cutter because of its different and manly design. With looks with a combination of a Medieval and Hi Tech Medical tool, this pizza cutter design would look great in your kitchen giving it a little artistic look.

Motorcycle Chopper Pizza Cutter

Designed by Frankie Flood, this pizza cutter simply stands out to look as if it is made for Chopper Ride. This “Motorcycle Chopper Pizza Cutter” is crazy looking but at the same time is a very functional pizza cutter. This pizza cutter can be the best gift option to one who loves motorcycles and eating pizza as well.

Pizza For Life Cutter

The “Pizza For Life Cutter” is the best gift for any pizza lover, for it will stand out in your kitchen and your guest will be truly taken back with this artistic form of pizza cutter. Designed by Frankie Flood, this Pizza Cutter will double your joy of having pizza every time you use it.

Bike Pizza Cutter

If you are bored of your regular looking pizza cutters and want something which you can flaunt in front of your guests then the “Bike Pizza Cutter” is the perfect solution for you. This pizza cutter is in the shape of a bicycle and has blades made of stainless steel. Its fun and practical design makes this pizza cutter unique.

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Stinger Series Pizza Cutters

Another amazing pizza cutter from designer Frankie Flood is this “Stinger Series Pizza Cutter”. These innovative designed pizza cutters are with little stings to them. While being sharp enough to cut the slices clean, a chef would have to be careful not to be stung back.

Steady Eddie Pizza Cutter

“Steady Eddie Pizza Cutter” is the cutest and most colorful pizza cutter you must have come across. This Steady Eddie puts his life on the line every time he rides across the melted cheese abyss on his bladed unicycle of doom.

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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek metal cutter is based on the NCC-1701 version of the Enterprise Ship you might have seen in the original Star Trek series. The construction of “Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter” is as solid as the real Enterprise ship, for it has a laser etched stainless steel blade, and a zinc-alloy chromium plated body. This Pizza Cutter can be a great Star Trek collectible if you’re a Star Trek series fan. If not, then you can just use it as a pizza cutter in your kitchen.

Shark Pizza Cutter

Grab on to the “Shark Pizza Cutter” and roll it across your favorite pizza for an easy way to slice. The quality stainless steel blade slices through the hardiest of crusts. This pizza cutter is dishwasher safe and easy to use.

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Smiley Pizza Cutter

For those who love eating pizzas but are bored with their old and dull looking pizza cutter, the “Smiley Pizza Cutter” is to lift up their mood. This unique pizza cutter has a sharp wheel blade to slice through the hardiest crust and is shape in a smiley face which will bring smile on your face every time you using it.

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Pizza Cutter with Fork

If you are one of those people who eat pizza with knife and fork, then this “Pizza cutter with Fork” is perfect for you. Imagine being able to cut a pizza with a pizza cutter and then picking and eating it with fork but using only one tool. This Pizza Cutter with fork has got a cutting wheel same as that of a pizza cutter and an extra-long stainless steel fork, so that you can slice and eat with the same. Sounds cool?

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Slice and Serve Pizza Cutter

The “Slice and Serve Pizza Cutter” features a stainless steel cutting wheel and a finger guard that allows you to slice through thin pizza or deep dish with ease. The serrated edged spatula allows you another cutting option as well as a convenient and hassle free way to serve your pizza or even pie slices.

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