Aid Necessities Transporter Gets Inspiration From Ants!

If you have noticed how an ant works, you would realize that it is hardworking and it doesn’t give up, even when faced with many trials. The same unique quality of the ant is now used in the new Aid Necessities Transporter or ANT. This is an amazing multipurpose aid and rescue vehicle which is a masterpiece of Brian Lee, a 24-year old design student at Monash University in Australia.

Aid Necessities Transporter

Brian presented this technological piece in the VACC Target 2020 competition. There is no doubt that this interesting design has been inspired by the anatomy and mentality of tiny ants. The notable fact about this innovative design is that it won the competition which made Brian Lee world famous instantly.

Aid Necessities Transporter has been designed to respond to the urgent needs of transporting supplies to victims of natural or man-made disasters as quickly as possible, similar to what an ant does. Just like an ant has six legs, this vehicle too has 6 wheels; and as an ant carries food to its bill, this vehicle carries supplies to the needy.

Aid Necessities Transporter 1

Another similarity between ants and Aid Necessities Transporter is that both can travel on any terrain without any support or difficulty. Moreover, just like ants move in groups, these vehicles travel in groups too for more efficiency in disaster relief when gathering and moving supplies.

One of the highlights of ANT is its amazing speed to travel any terrain. It is also capable of backing up the supply unit and attaching itself for more ease in loading supplies. This vehicle has been designed with such an expertise that it can rotate at a moderate speed to return to the supply area. This is possible by simply turning its front 90 degrees to a configuration more adaptive to a rapid speed.

Aid Necessities Transporter  3

The ANT has a bright white outer body with black top that makes it even more appealing. A close look at this vehicle might give you the illusion that it is like a sports car; but it isn’t, and it has a more useful purpose, which is to cater to the needs of people struck by disasters or calamities.

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Via: Inventorsport