Kisai Wasted Watch Brings You Intoxicated Timing

Ok, so, in many previous posts about Tokyoflash watch designs, I often mused that it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and read the watch while under the influence of alcohol. While I still stick to that point, suppose there was a watch designed to emulate your drunken stupor? Well the Kisai “Wasted” watch does just that, and claims to bring “intoxicated timing” to your wrist..for a price, anyway.

As with many LED watches, the Kisai Wasted runs dark when not in use, but a quick touch of the button and voila, the twisted display lights up to help you find out what time it is in drunken fashion. It is constructed out of streamlined plastic and finished in gloss with matte detail. Fancy, right? It is designed to be a perfect fit for most wrist sizes too, so no worries there. If you’re worried about powering up your intoxicated time one too many times, the Wasted watch is USB rechargeable, so just plug it into your computer to power it back up. It only takes about 3 and a half hours and each charge lasts on average about a month. The battery should hold 300 charge cycles, too, and you can always replace it once it bites the big one. The price tag of $85.09 puts clocks in a bit high, but come on, it is rocking.

If you’re looking for some more sobering watch designs (but they come in black and white! You love it, don’t lie), Tokyoflash has a plethora of flashy (and neat!) designs. If you’re into pop culture, I can point you this Tron-inspired watch design. Alternatively, if you’re the more eco-friendly type, you can light it up with this solar powered watch, too. I’d imagine that’s what Captain Planet would wear, being a hero and bringing pollution down to zero and all.