Automatic Nature Call: Mobile Robotic Toilet

If you haven’t been bedridden at any one point in your life, then you probably know of a person who has been, i.e. a close friend or a family member. Privacy is something that is not only yearned for but is cherished by the sick especially given the embarrassing moments that they have to endure while being helped to the wash room. Thanks to technological advancement, there has been a rise of robots designed to aid those who are physically challenged, paraplegics and in a poor state of health in order to gain some form of independence and lead a meaningful life as they would have were it not for their condition. Of great desire is Nature’s Call or Robotic Toilet. Unlike other forms of robots, nature call has managed to outlive expectations for which it was designed for by enabling sickly and bed ridden persons to not only regain their privacy but also maintain their dignity. The Nature Call is an interactive robotic device that is able to respond to call ups and automatically moves towards the patient’s bed.

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Upon finishing their nature call, the patient is cleaned by the device without input from a third party after which the machine moves back to its station to self clean itself. The different application areas where the robotic toilet can be used include places such as retirement home, rehabilitation centers, elderly care, and home care assistance. Robotic toilet has been specially designed to interact with its users on a one on one basis unlike other types of robots by means of sensors that recognizes call ups. These may be in the form of remote control or voice sensors depending on the type of robot.


It has wheels that enable it to move from its station towards the patient’s bed and stops upon reaching the bed. It’s been specially designed with support arms to enable a patient to get off the bed and comfortably sit on it. There is no need for a toilet paper as the device is inbuilt with a bidet and drier that works in cleaning the patient upon finishing. All the patient has to do is press a latch/ button to initiate the cleaning process. This feature has enabled many patients to be able to maintain their dignity no matter the circumstance that they are in. Thereafter, the person can slowly get back on bed after which the device wheels back to its station for auto wash.

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