Ghetto Japanese Cellphone Holster

Have you watched the policemen and army men in movies, and envied how they remove their weapons to fight? Have you ever pretended to be a policeman, and used your cellphone as your weapon?

If yes, then here is a product that is just for you. And if not, then after you learn about the features of this product, you will feel like this has been tailored for you. And it is something you’ve always wanted, but you were not aware of it. This product called the Ghetto Japanese cellphone holster is completely handmade, with a metal frame that has been used to provide protection to the screen and the cellphone. Its frame can be adjusted according to the size of your cellphone. You must have realized that this product has been made in Osaka, Japan.

How does this work?

The metal frame has a spring arm and a roller that hold the cellphone in place when you are on the move. When the cellphone needs to be taken out of the holster, all one has to do is use bare hands to remove the cellphone out. This holster can be hanged onto your waist belt, just like any other holster. But the specialty of this product is that it looks really stylish, and certainly compliments your personality that it will be the noticed by anyone who passes or walks by you. You can adjust the size of the holster according to the size of your phone by loosening or tightening the strap.

The thickness of this holster is approximately between 15.5 to 20 mm / 0.60 to 0.78 inches. The width is 57 mm or 2.24 inches. Again, this product is highly adjustable to different shapes and sizes of cellphones. However, it is recommended to check the size of the cellphone you already have in possession before buying the product.

The Ghetto Japanese Cellphone holster comes for a reasonable price of $36.50, and ships in from Japan. Don’t let yourself think twice for buying this product, as the price is just a small concern compared to the compliments you will receive when people notice the cool and stylish holster of your phone. They will actually know how ghetto your personality is!

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