nVUE Mobile Phone- New Age Design with Lots of Uses

We all have seen the coolest and most unique designs in cellphones, and always wish for something better than we have! Because we are all humans and are ought to not be satisfied with what we have and always want more.

So here is a unique design of a mobile phone by Dragan Trenchevski, which will literally blow your mind. As this is an assurity of something you have never seen before. This product called the nVUE mobile, gives you a new view in the world of mobile phones.

This savvy mobile phone has the design similar to that of the ipad, kindle, and the nook, but is definitely a mobile with a difference. The unique feature of this nVUE mobile phone is that it is a foldable mobile phone with 2 separate visual displays, which become like one giant screen when the mobile phone is opened. Both the screens have a dual purpose; they work together and also independently as a single and/or double widescreen display.

So, the next time you want to show a group of friends something on your mobile phone, it will be so much easier to view and share with your friends. You will also look very cool and considered by your friends to be technologically advanced. They will certainly be jealous of you, and will want to get the same phone as you do.

Because the nVUE is such a unique, new design and concept, it will help you in this ever changing busy world. When you have to handle and complete so many different tasks at once, (multitasking) this mobile phone is very effective and efficient. By that I mean, that this nVUE mobile phone will replace and can be used as a tablet PC, multimedia player, especially when travelling, e-reader: like the ipad to read books, news, and so on. It has so many more features that will be beneficial to you in very different ways.

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