The Futuristic Kitchen Is Here: Halo Toaster Wrap

Imagine a futuristic kitchen, where the utensils are modern and sleek. Strong, cool lines bring everything together in perfect balance and harmony.

Gadgets line the floating chrome shelves, gadgets for each and every whim. For each taste and every culinary sensation. In this futuristic kitchen, we are no longer bound by wires, by big chunky appliances taking up space. Everything is streamlined. Gone are the days when unsightly appliances were hidden away in cabinets and cupboards. When we still frosted the glass doors in the cabinets to keep whatever is in there out of sight.

toasted wrap

Our futuristic kitchen is here. With clever designs and original concepts, we are well on our way to stocking our futuristic kitchen up. The first item on your shopping list should most definitely be the Halo Toasted Wrap. A bread toaster like you’ve never seen a toaster before. The new generation is here

toasted wrap 2

Who said a toaster should be a chunky appliance with unsightly heating elements hidden in an unflattering shape? The Halo Toaster Wrap completely lives up to its name. It wraps toast. You simply lay the Halo out on a flat surface. Place a piece of bread on the modernized heating element and fold the toaster over. Just like you would fold a piece of paper in half. Press the white button to switch it on. Now, the toast wont pop out when it is ready, like it would do with a conventional toaster. The image below shows the most impressive feature of the Toaster Wrap.

toasted wrap 3

Once you’ve switched the Toaster Wrap on, the area over the piece of bread will start to change colour, into a pale shade of blue. This is to indicate where the piece of bread is. Very useful when toasting more than one piece. And, it just looks cool. As soon as the bread is sufficiently toasted, the blue hue will turn pink. This is your cue to switch the Halo off and remove your freshly toasted slice of bread.

toasted wrap 6

In your modern kitchen, storage solutions will form part of the seamless display. No unsightly wires or bulky appliances everywhere. You have two options when it comes to storing your Halo Toaster. Simply roll it up and it will fit into any small space, just like a placemat. Alternatively, you could hang it a wall. It is sleek enough not to interfere with the rest of the kitchen decor.

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Via: Yanko Design