Dbrain- A Computer Built for our Folks in the Medical Field

We all have great respect for all the people in the medical field, as they are considered to be the gods on earth. Well, not every one of us would agree with the above statement, but let me point out to you, that even if we have a small toothache or stomach pain, the only person we trust are our doctors!

So, why not create a product for the people in the medical field too? This product being offered here is a portable computer visionary established to serve the people who dedicate their lives and services in the medical profession. The product design by Catia Caeiro is rightly named Dbrain, as it helps the doctor in a variety of uses.

This portable computer is shared by Catia carieo, and the basic design of this product is to be of help to a doctor who can use this computer in his daily activities as a mode of auxiliary help. Therefore, this computer is very light in weight, small and hence, portable. This can be used for a variety of purposes in the doctors’ daily business activities.

The dimensions of this computer are 1.2 m in thickness and weighs only 400grams, so it is purely featherweight.

As you can see in the images, apart from the traditional use of the computer, this Dbrain computer allows the doctor to have a closer look at X-rays and understand them carefully, which makes the life of a doctor so much easier, and in a way makes life of the patients easy too.

This product can also be a great gift to your friends who are in the medical field as they will certainly understand the importance and also the great amount of love you have for them in your heart. So, go ahead and express your love to your friends or a family members who has dedicated their lives in serving other people and making people believe in scientific miracles.

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