The Power Loader Exoskeleton

Who doesn’t want to be Iron Man and lift up 200 pounds in one go? Everyone does, in fact everyone dreams of being a superhero, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible, until this Power Loader Exoskeleton was developed.

It is a dual-arm power amplification robot which is integrated with 18 electromagnetic motors which can make you powerful enough to lift 220 pounds without even realizing that you are lifting something heavy.

The name “exoskeleton” comes from the Aliens movie. This exoskeleton even has force-feedback, which means that the more force you apply, the more the exoskeleton will react. Isn’t this truly one magnificent creation?

This exoskeleton is still under construction by a Japanese subsidiary of Panasonic known as Activelink. The company says that this Exoskeleton won’t be ready for use until 2015, but once it is made, it will be a great robot for relief efforts and the like. Right now, the picture you are seeing has the exoskeleton built with an aluminum-alloy frame which weighs around 500 pound.

So, well I guess till 2015, we all will have to wait for this thing to finally be made. In fact, I think that even when it will be finished, it won’t come out for commercial use. Yep, well unfortunately that is what happens with most of such technological robots. Have you ever seen any of them being on sale or something? I haven’t at least. I remember back in 2008 they even created a suit named Iron Man suit which was more or less the same but I never saw it after that. Guess all of the good stuff is for them to keep and we are just bombarded with regular technological gizmos. So, I guess it’s better that we don’t think of using the Exoskeleton until it is right in front of us, asking us to use it or else we will just have our hearts broken once again.

Anyhow, whether we get it or not, I guess the thing is quite cool. Never knew technology would take us this far. Now even geeks can become the world’s strongest man!

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Via: Crave