Ghostbusters Inspired Proton Pack

When Ghostbusters hit movie screens in the summer of 1984, every second, a New Yorker wanted to be a parapsychologist with a firehouse turned into their ‘operations’ center. The film centers around three misfit parapsychologists who, after losing their jobs at Columbia University, begin a ghost exterminator service called ‘Ghostbusters’ from an abandoned fire station. The action comedy was a blockbuster hit and spawned a sequel and two animated television series. Over the years, Ghostbusters has developed a strong fan base with many fanboys identifying themselves with the characters in the movie. Nelson Lugo, 37, is a magician and a diehard Ghostbusters fan. What many people do not know about the magician is that he is an eternal romantic too.

Nelson Lugo is an eternal romantic because he built a proton pack (the one which allowed the Ghostbusters to capture ghosts) from scratch as a gift to his girlfriend. What a lucky girl she must be. It took Nelson almost four weeks to put the proton pack together with a total expenditure of $200.

The proton pack built by Nelson is completely original and looks nothing like the movie version. The basic features are there: a long suction pump connected to a box, dials, switches, wires, cables, backpack straps to carry it around, and a generator that lights the entire pack up. Nelson, however, has added his own dash of creativity and color to it, which makes it even more irresistible.

At the bottom of the pack sits a triangle of blue colored plasma balls arranged on a circular platform. A transparent pressure cylinder, with a silver colored cap, hangs on the left hand side of the pack. This cylinder is filled with gorgeous looking pink hair gel and has LEDs inserted inside it.

When the plasma balls and the pressure cylinder lights up, it is very hard to take your eyes off the Nelson’s Ghostbusters inspired proton pack. This notion was proved when Nelson wore his proton pack to Comic-Con before he gave the pack to his girlfriend. As soon as the magician entered wearing his lighted and colored pack, eyeballs began to follow him around. Cameras and mobile phones were constantly pointed at the pack for a picture and by the end of the day, Nelson had received hundreds of compliments regarding the pack.

The proton pack now rests in the hands of Nelson’s girlfriend. Last heard, the magician was working on building a sequel to the original proton pack.

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Via: Asylum