Walyou Random Roundup [October 30, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup October 30, 2010 includes Halloween, Ghostbusters, Street Fighter, Xbox, Geeky Earrings, Steve Jobs, Tattoo Art, Batman, Twitter, Funny Cats and more. We hope you enjoy the Roundup and wish you a very happy (and scary) Halloween.

steve jobs halloween costume iwear

Besides the great posts from around the web, we also want to share with you the best of Halloween from Walyou:

200 Pumpkin Carvings

26 Bizarre Star Wars Costumes

20 Comic Book Halloween Masks

21 Video Games Halloween Costumes

20 Freaky and Scary Halloween Masks

17 Transformers Costumes


1. Top 49 Most Influential Men (Ask Men)

2. Most Confusing Angry Parking Letter Yet (I Am Bored)

3. 17 Tattoos Of Horror’s Most Horrifying Villains (MTV)

4. 25 T-Shirt Designs for the Ultimate Geek (GadgetHim)

5. The [Spider] Web (Mental Floss)

6. Higher Suit (Maxim)

7. ‘Ghostbusters’ Fan Builds Proton Pack From Scratch (Asylum)

8. 17 Nerdiest Earring Designs (GadgetHer)

9. Guy Goes All Sorts Of Crazy Watching Stock Car Crash (DJ Mick)

10. Dropping a 1,169-Pound Pumpkin on a Car from 175 Feet Up (Neatorama)

11. It’s That Time of Year Again — The Best Halloween Prank Video Ever (LemonDrop)

12. Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Mod Features Red-haired Akuma (XboxFreedom)

13. Portland Tattoo Enthusiast Injects Ink INTO HIS EYE (URLesque)

14. Batman Returns to Movies in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (Comics Alliance)

15. Scratching My Heartstrings: Two Kittens With Myotonia Congenita (Fainting Goat Syndrome) (Geekologie)

16. Father And Son Halloween Project Starts Out With A Samus’s Arm Cannon Bang (WiiNoob)

17. New Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-reader (Geek With Laptop)

18. The Tweet-O-Meter Wall Tracks Real Time Tweets (Geeky Gadgets)

19. Steve Jobs iWear Launches In Time for Halloween (iPhone Savior)

20. Elegant Looking Sound System Comes To The PlayStation 3 (PS3Maven)