Portable Amplifier for iPhone 4 – Your Experience Could Not Get Any Better!

We all love being old school, which we think is awesome, but with the accelerated change and developments in technology, we have to stay updated with the latest available technology.

So, for you people in the house who like being old fashioned and being updated with the newest of the technology available, this product is especifically for you. The product being offered here is the iPhone portable Amplifier for the iPhone 4 only and not the 3G or the 3GS model.

A lot of us love the iphone and its features, especially listening to music and videos among other things. To make your experience of using the multimedia player with the iPhone much better, all you have to do is slip the phone into the slot that the amplifier has place for. And when you place this amplifier on your ears, you will feel like you are using an old phone like from the 80’s or 90’s as shown in movies and on the television.

This iPhone portable amplifier has been built using old fashioned acoustical science, made up of a silicone stand that adds up to 12 decibels of sound pressure to the speakers of your iPhone to make your experience much more enjoyable. Using this silicone stand of the amplifier, you can also use the iphone in a vertical or horizontal viewing position.

The iPhone portable amplifier comes for a great price of $24.95, and please keep in mind that this price is only for the portable amplifier and does not include the iPhone. So don’t misunderstand this product offering, as you will have to purchase an iPhone before hand or if you love this product so much and want to use it, you will probably see yourself buying an iPhone sometime in the near future.

The iPhone portable amplifier comes in a variety of colors such as grey, green, and black, they all look great with your iPhone, as the iPhone in itself has such a great and unique design that this add on accessory of the portable amplifier will make you look so cool and awesome!

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