Optishot Golf Simulator Brings the Golf Course Indoors

I have always thought of golf as a bit of an odd sport. I mean, on one hand, you load up your clubs and hop on that golf cart (golf carts may be the most fun part of the game) for 4 hours to “relax,” right? But watch the average golfer play, and you won’t see much relaxing being done.Instead it’s more like a string of expletives with the occasional good shot. I still find it fun, mind you, but mostly because I’m bad enough that a decent shot is a breath of fresh air rather than an expected outcome. Still, the optishot golf simulator will bring all the frustrations of the course right into your very own home. Just in time for winter, too.

The idea behind optishot is to help you improve your game without the insane course fees or angry wife/husband/significant other. You will, however, need enough space to swing a club, so mind the low hanging ceilings or nearby vase. It boils down to half training tool and half video game, but the sensors appear to work well, a bad sign for a player like me. You’ll also be able to play on some of those famous courses around, another thing you probably couldn’t experience without a boatload of cash. That and I never really wanted to spend a couple hundred bucks just to play at Myrtle Beach. Of course that’s probably what separates me from your average “avid” golfer who would kill his own mother for the chance to play at a famous course. You can geek out on anything, and golf is no exception. At $400, the optishot seems cheap by comparison.

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Via: Gear Patrol