Original Darth Vader Costume up for Auction

We’ve heard the stories before- items in the market sell for a lot more than just the production value. We see it a lot in the art world- mostly because everything is so hit and miss in that field. Fan-based work also works in the same way. If a movie has a large fan base, the chances are that original costumes and props will sell for quite a large amount of money, as is the case for this Darth Vader costume.Darth Vader

This Darth Vader costume is said to be one of the originals used when shooting the movie. This is definitely an exciting moment for Star Wars fans. Well, it’s definitely an exciting moment for those rich Star Wars fans, because let’s face it, it’s selling at a price that most of us can’t afford. Or if we can afford it, we would rather spend on something practical, like perhaps, a car.

Despite its high price, pretty much it’s guaranteed to sell. The Star Wars series is one of the highest when it comes to having a fan base, and is also seen as a classic. This item has come to be worth so much, that it will no longer be used for what it was made for.

It’s almost bizzare to think that this outfit was once made simply for the purpose of being worn. The designers probably had no idea that years later, the very costume they worked on would be worth so much that it’s destined to stay in a rich man’s home to stay as decoration.

Let’s face it, Darth Vader’s costume is probably one of the most recognizable costumes made, and it has no other possible associations that go along with it. That’s what makes having this costume all the more worth it.

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