Joos: The Most Powerful and Durable Solar Powered Charger

In this ever-changing technological environment, we are trying our best to be as green as possible by conserving energy, using recycled stuff among others.

Here is a product that will help you to be green and is very useful, when you will need power (electricity) the most. The product being offered here is a portable solar power charger. The name of this product is JOOS Orange portable solar charger by solar components LLC.

Once you have this product, you will realize how useful and multifunctional this solar power charger is. This solar power  charger is probably one of the most powerful and durable portable solar chargers that you can ever get hold of. The simple reason being that you can charge up to four smartphones on a single charge.

The design of this solar power charger is very sleek and smart, and is the size of an iPad. Other features of this solar power charger include: waterproof, so as long as you are in a place where you can find sunlight, there is no fear of water pouring on the device and spoiling it. For example, if you are to go boating on a summer afternoon and you have forgotten to charge your phone, all you have to do is enjoy your boat ride, get this solar charger out and connect your phone to it through the cables and wires that come along with the solar power charger! It is very powerful, fast, and small in size that makes it easy for you to carry it around; in other words, easily portable, that it can be used for a variety of devices for the purpose of charging.

Unlike other solar power chargers, that need a particular amount of sunlight for them to work, the JOOS solar power charger will work in any situation such as in bright light, in the shade, and even in rain, as said earlier – it’s waterproof.

The JOOS solar power charger charges almost 3.5 times faster than any other portable solar charger device available at the price of $99.95. Obviously, since it is a solar power charger, the best results are delivered by the JOOS solar power charger when being used with ample amounts of sunlight available!

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Via: Gizmodo