View All Your Social Updates in Playlist View with Redux

If you have lots of people in your contact lists on Facebook and Twitter, you’re probably aware of the tricks of keeping up with all the links and content shared by your friends. Redux takes everything and organizes it into different categories, making sure you don’t miss a beat.


Social media content aggregators are all the rage these days, especially on portable devices where you can’t afford to visit different websites to get your updates. So you have UI enhancements like Palm Synergy and MotoBlur. Redux does all that on the computer, and better. I know what you’re thinking, you really don’t want to bother setting up and using yet another service, right? Redux aims to rid you of clutter, not contribute to it. It has been getting a lot of coverage and positive reviews in the press and the blogsphere.

Redux Screen

Linking your MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with Redux is pretty straightforward. Once you’re signed up and allowed redux to import your feeds, the content is condensed into a single news feed with four different modes; all content, videos, links, and images. There’s also the ability to narrow down to one social network and the terrific TV mode, where shared videos from your news feeds are displayed in a streaming player, giving you the ability to watch and click to the next one in the playlist. As a Facebook user, I know this to be a huge timesaver for me, as I don’t have to go through dozens of Farmville and other application updates that do not interest me in the least to find videos of interest.

You can also check out channels of content with common themes, or the most popular content shared by redux users. Though with so much content available, it’s easy to stray into time waste territory and forget the purpose Redux was devised for in the first place.

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Via: Redux