Uno Motorcycle Ready to Fly

After the popularity of EMBRIO, a motorcycle that can balance itself on one wheel, people are now geared up to welcome the new battery electric Uno Motorcycle.

uno 3

This new electric bike is just ready to fly and it looks just like a regular motorbike riding on a high speed. The unique thing about Uno Motorbike is that when it slows down, its wheels realign themselves in a side by side configuration to make it look like a unicycle.

Gulak, a Canadian studying Mechanical Engineering at Harvard, is one of the masterminds behind this off road vehicle that is also known as the DTV Shredder. Gulak with his father went to see a number of smoky and combustion engine two stroke scooters and motorcycles to create this masterpiece bike.

Gulak then proceeded to make this motorcycle with the help of an angle iron, batteries, gyroscopes, and wheelchair motors. Uno motorbike also has an appealing orange color that makes it attractive in looks. Moreover, its one wheeled look is simply superb and makes it look like a flying machine without a second thought.

uno 2

Uno is also considered to be the Segway rocket hybrid that has been especially designed for teenagers. This super cool bike weighs about 120lbs and has the capability to work for about 2.5 hours on an electric motor. You will be surprised to know that the bike actually doesn’t have any controls apart from its handle bars and it depends on the rider’s ability to ride it in balancing his or her weight.

The basic idea to drive Uno is to lean in the direction you want to go and to increase its acceleration, you need to lean forward and to drive reverse, lean backwards. The initial idea of Uno motorbike came up in 2006 in Gulak’s mind. This is indeed a green innovation that works on electric battery and gives the rider a pleasure to ride it.

This bike features just two buttons and they are the on and off buttons. This bike has been rightly described as the “one wheeled motorcycle” for its closely spaced non-axial drive wheels. The most appealing feature of this bike is that its steering is controlled by the side to side motion of the rider.

Uno was first unveiled at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show in 2008 and was also awarded a Top 10 Prize on Popular Science’s list of 2008 Invention Awards.

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Via: Gizmag