The Unconventional Fridge Couch

We live in an era that focuses so much on the concept of recycling. Reduce, re-use, and recycle are the mantras followed by all and sundry, as we switch into eco-friendly and green mode. With recycling process being carried out left, right, and center in every mode of our lives, from domestic to chemical recycling, a venture into the unusual and creative form of recycling is in vogue now. This is simply because a machine or appliance’s life is over does not mean that it becomes a dead asset. We could always give it a new life as something else.

An old rusted non functioning refrigerator can be remodeled into a stylish sofa. Take a look at the fridge couch which has been modeled out of a 1982 avocado green Gibson frost clear deluxe, while the seating has been beautifully made out of cherry red leather taken from a 1984 BMW 325.

Originally created by Canadian designer Adrian Johnson, these fridge couches are made from vintage refrigerators and salvaged car seats that are rescued from local junkyards. His mission is to go where recycling has not gone before. It all commenced when Johnson wanted to build something unique for his outdoor wedding reception. He went to a scrap yard and spotted a really nice BMW seat with the most beautiful cherry red interior. At a dump in Mattapoisett, he found a green fridge that fit the leather seat exactly within half an inch. He compiled the two and modeled the unique Fridge couch out of it.

Each one is diligently and meticulously handcrafted from Johnson’s collection of car seats that he keeps in store for future use. With a particular seat in mind, he checks out the right fridge to fit it. Then he dismantles the fridge at the dump, and leaves the Freon for safe recovery. The couches are trimmed with wood since German cars have wood trim interiors.

Refrigerators and car seats are usually heavy and unreusable products that have a short life span.  When they are recycled, as usual, a lot of energy is expended in crushing and melting them down. But with a unique concept like the Fridge couch, it is easily converted from being one thing to being something else immediately. These fridge couches are works of art designed by a very creative mind. Each one is unique, hand made and custom designed.

The fridge couch is a perfect addition to any retro dining area or living room.  These are perfect as out door seating for a wedding and would encourage the guests to relax and intermingle.

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Via: Design Blog and Inhabitat