Mickey Mouse Anatomy Sculpture

Walyou came out with a list of 32 most amazing anatomy designs, which featured not only a variety of characters dissected but even inanimate objects like a toaster! I’m not entirely sure why these are made, or who would be interested in buying these sculptures- unless for art collection purposes. It is clear, however, that there is enough market for these types of products that they continue to make them. Here is another anatomy structure to add to this already quite long list. This sculpture is in the shape of the classic Disney figure, Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse

This sculpture has the basic form of most anatomy sculptures – that is to say half of the sculpture is the full out form of Mickey Mouse, and the other half is the dissected part. It is interesting to see how the artist decided to show what the insides of Mickey looked like, because there is no real right and wrong in a situation like this. He could have gone with a humourous pun, filling the insides with some sort of Disney related humour, but instead he went for a semi-accurate look.

Mickey Mouse Views

If you look at the sculpture you will notice that most of the insides are comprised of bones, except for his shoe and his wrist. His nose also has nothing inside of it, and if you look closely at the bone, you can see two tiny nostrils on the skull- which is funny considering how big Mickey’s nose is compared to these holes. The sculptor also decided to add the insides of Mickey’s stomach, probably because it is the only way to add the soft insides and still have it be visually appealing.

The sculpture is not meant to be an accurate representation of what Mickey’s insides would actually look like, but rather a pun on those real life anatomy sculptures.

Via: Jason Freeny