Homemade DSLR Camera

For those of you who spend a lot of time taking pictures and put a lot of time and care into photography and cameras in general, have you ever thought about what goes into a camera and how it really works? Denis from Montreal decided to try and figure it out by building a camera from scratch using different parts and mirrors, leaving only the lenses to be store bought.


His camera is fully functional, and can be used with a roll film, so it looks pretty decent. The camera comes with speed selection, has a viewfinder, (the mirror setup) and a timer. Overall, it looks really impressive.

One thing that people might question is why one would do something like this, and go so far as to make their own makeshift camera. Not only that, but why would anyone make one that worked? My question is, why not? I mean, so often does one have the opportunity to take pictures, but we never really think about how it happens. It’s probably gotten to a point where much of society doesn’t really think about the mechanisms behind photography, so having the opportunity to break down and reconstruct what it is that makes a camera work was probably an opportunity for Denis.


This camera is actually in a more complete form since these images were taken, but just to get a sense of the basic body, it’s about the same size as most of the older SLR cameras, and all of the parts are custom made and put together from pieces that don’t actually fit together necessarily. It looks a little strange, but it functions perfectly well, which makes for something worth boasting about.


More complete, it’s got a viewfinder which works well, and it fits with the standard SLR lenses which means that you can actually use it to take pictures with a large range of flexibility.

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Via Crunch Gear