The Exotic Axsotic 3D Spheric Mouse

The virtual world just got a whole lot closer to reality. Thanks to the fascinatingly odd-named Axsotic Spheric Mouse. Imagine scrolling and toggling on the computer just as if it were a real, three-dimensional world! When you want to reach for something on the right, you flick it to the right. Want to go left, browse a bit to the left. Till that, it has the same ways like the traditional pad-roaming mouse that is popularly used today. With the Axsotic Spheric Mouse from the future, you can enjoy the freedom of moving back and forth in reality while still being in perfect sync with the realm within your monitor screen!

The comfort of the Axsotic Spheric Mouse that sets it apart from other 3D mice is the fact that you do not have to worry about step-by-step ways of navigation that would typically start off with scrolling, zooming in or out, and tilting and rotating about. This is because it conveniently allows you to be in complete control of your movements and choices on-screen with a brush of your hand and a twist of the Spheric Mouse. Users have compared it to working with touchscreen palmtops that eliminate the problem of carrying about space-consuming keyboards with a variety of key functions.

Handling the Axsotic Spheric Mouse is very basic and easy to get used to. With its patent-pending functionality and design, it is a remarkable thing to use every day! There are no hassles about left clicks or right clicks, and this could very well make e-literacy become an easier achievement for the older generation. The ways of navigation are simple and one is to use the finger to rotate the ball and the hand to move and browse – just like rambling about on a regular mouse pad.

The best part perhaps is, you can instantly go buy it and begin experiencing the virtual world, the 3D way! The Axsotic Spheric Mouse is instantly compatible with the present day computers and the Operating Systems of Windows and Macintosh. Plug the mouse into the USB drive using the cable that comes along with it and install the 3D application of your choice using the Software Development Kit that is also provided with the package. Its automatic calibration software is programmed to recognize and adjust the mouse to the requirements and compatibility of your computer and identifies when it is idle.

Hard-core tech geeks around the world are anticipating its release as it is expected to hit the markets soon! Excited about it? Get in line.

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Via: Core77