Little Robot Solves Maze in Seconds!

Few of us have actually been in a situation where we would have to solve a maze while being in a maze (most of us are used to solving them from an above angel, and let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to do.) For those few who have been inside a maze know that it’s not easy trying to weave your way out. Maybe that’s why scientist are so amused by watching mice weave their way through the maze only using their sense of smell. Actually, this is probably amusing for everyone to watch, not just the scientist. This mouse in a maze idea inspired the micromouse competition, which is basically a competition to design small mouse-like robots to weave their way around a maze.


This particular robot is able to complete the maze within a matter of seconds. Apparently this robot didn’t have the maze pre-programmed into it before it was placed in, that is to say there isn’t a GPS installed into the mouse. The mouse also doesn’t have an overhead view of the maze either.  The mouse basically learns from trial and error. He learns the corridors as he goes along and remembers the lay out that it sees.

There is a video showing the mouse going through the maze. The maze in comparison to the mouse is huge- a size that would be enough to make some people cry if they were placed in it. Watching the mouse go through the maze is kind of mesmerizing. This could be because the mouse is eloquently built making its movements smooth which, as a result, make it pleasing to look at. It could be because it is so small which automatically constitutes it as cute. Either way it is still an interesting concept and an amazing robot.

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Via: Popsci