Magnestick System Makes Ski Lifts Safer

Believe it or not, it’s truly devastating seeing a kid fall off from a ski lift. Even the thought of it, freaks you out. I haven’t seen any of such accidents live and I don’t even want to. I always have prayed for something which can make the ride safer and here it is.

This Magnestick System makes it safer and easier for kids to travel on the Ski Lifts. Thank goodness, we have something now to keep our children safe!

The good part about this Magnestick System is that it is based on a very simple idea. You wouldn’t need a lot of brains to figure out what exactly you have to do. And, because it is made especially for children, things are kept pretty simple. What happens is that each child wears a backpack which is of 200g while he is on the slope. This backpack has a metal plate on the back and is capable of saving them from injuries if in case anything happens. Now, on the ski lifts there are electromagnets which are activated as soon as they come in contact with the metal plates. And, as we all know that electromagnets are quite strong, they don’t let the person fall off the lift. Moreover, the electromagnets do not deactivate until the rider gets off the ride. Even when the safety bar has been lifted, the magnets are still activated. The company says that electromagnet is already in use in some of the ski resorts in the UK and many in the USA are considering using them. The only resort in the USA that has employed the Magnestick System is the Alpine Meadows resort in Lake Taho.

The good part that I like about this system is that it is safe and very simple to use. Unlike most of the other systems that have shown up in the recent past, this one is not really all that expensive so I guess it shouldn’t really be a problem for resorts to install them if they really want no one to fall off the lifts.

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MagnetStick Via: BeSportier Via: Ohgizmo