The 1989 Michael Keaton Tim Burton Batmobile

Well, I have seen many replicas of the AC Cobra and 1967 Mustang; the all-time two most popular sports cars. But, I never thought of one bright day that I will get to see a replica version of the all-time popular 1989 Batmobile.

It’s like a flashback in time; and I must admit, back when I first saw this car in the movie, I was totally crazy about it. I’ve  always wanted one to drive out on the streets. However, with time, I realized how awkward it would look driving a Batmobile out on the streets.

But, as they say, you need confidence to do something unique; and this dude, Casey Putsch, had the guts to make his dream come true, and I literally salute him for that!

About the replica version:

First off, this car actually has the weight to be called a true Batmobile. It’s not like there haven’t been any attempts of creating replica versions of the Batmobile, but honestly speaking none of those replicas stood up to the mark.

This time, Casey has made sure that everything in the car, above all, looks ultimately real. Secondly, he gives the car that extra super-terrific look to be called a Batmobile. Besides, I love those machine guns that pop out from the sides. Amazing car!

To impress you more…

The car is not just a showpiece, but it can actually be taken on the tracks. Although I don’t think it would be able to win any rallies, still it can do a good job.

The car has been built with a trailer hitch to tow super-bikes and Putsch’s Toyota Atlantic cars. The car is also integrated with an air conditioner and a computer interface. The car has a roll structure, tube frame chassis, Corvette drive-train, suspensions, which are independent, and of course, the most attractive part – the automated retractable Browning 30 caliber machine guns replicas.

Moreover, the car also comes with satellite navigation, internet connection, military scanner, train horn, air-ride suspension, trailer brake control, automated canopy, and much more. Actually, the list can go on and on. Like I said, it’s a true Batmobile! Awesome work Casey!

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