Canon Cross Media Station

What you are seeing in this picture is Canon’s newly introduced Cross Media Station. It might not look something out of the box but when you get to know what it is capable of doing, you would for sure be amused. This Cross Station Media Station works as a wireless charger not just for your ‘camera’ but for your ‘cameras’.

Yup, it has the potential of charging multiple cameras or gizmos at the same time. Let’s face it, we have seen such charging stations before such as the Powermat but they weren’t able to charge more than one gadget at a time. That is what makes this Canon Power Station so unique.

It is a wireless station that has an indicator on it which indicates whether or not your cameras are charged up completely. Now here is the best part – this Station does not only work as a charger but it also works as a data transferring machine which is wireless. Isn’t that cool? If you still think it’s not, then I bet you don’t have the right taste. I mean imagine, you have a Station on which you keep your camera. The Station charges up your camera and alongside transfers your data on the HDTV or your computer. The Station comes with a remote control with which you can use the Station without even touching it. To transfer the data into your PC or TV, you will have to connect the Station with either an HDMI or a cable. But that is okay because you still won’t have to connect your camera with wires to the station.

Unfortunately the device isn’t yet out on sale. It is just a prototype and I guess Canon is still working on it to make it better. I know that is a heart breaking news but well, at times you just have to get excited with watching things on the screen. Who knows, maybe one day we will have this Station in the markets waiting for us to buy it, that is possible right?

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Via: Crunchgear