Integrating Technology: The Harley and the iPhone/iPod Connection

There is the vintage Harley and there are the contemporary iPhones and the iPods. And then, there is a docking console to affix the iPhone and the iPod to the Harley so that the biker gets to enjoy not just the feel of the Harley zooming but also connectivity as and when he needs it. Marketed by Hell’s Foundry, the DashLink iPhone/iPod Docking Console is a replaceable fuel tank with an integrated console for the iPhone and the iPod. Also, the docking station’s designing is simple enough along with the brilliant aid it offers to the Harley Davidson riders. It contains a self-sensing on/off circuit which means that if there are no devices in the docking station, the power of the station when there are no devices present, is conserved saving valuable fuel and energy.

Additionally, the DashLink console offers the rider the flexibility to use the GPS Navigation Application enabled in the iPhone while the screen is lit and one is listening to music or iTunes. This feature of the DashLink console is an advantage that every person would love to have and explore. In other words, it is the core USP of the docking station benefiting the customer more than anything else.

Also, if the Harley Davidson is a FLT/FLH model, the volume controls of the iPhone or iPod can be modulated with the help of the stock handlebars. This feature also forms a unique selling point of sorts because it prevents the rider from getting his attention distracted while he is riding the bike. Also, since a rider is provided with the incentive to use Wi-Fi enabled devices or his Bluetooth earphones, the distraction aspect is brought down to an even lower level.

The DashLink Docking console is compatible with the following models of the Harley Davidson; the FLHT/FLTR and the FLHR. In the days to come, however, other models like the Sportsters, the Softtails, and the Dynas are also expected to be made compatible with such a docking station.

Priced at US $400, the DashLink Docking Station is available at Hell’s Foundry and in three varied patterns – chrome, gloss black, and carbon fiber finish. The difference in pattern will enable a rider to choose the best replacement fuel tank and along with it, the attached docking console thus making the entire process simple and uncomplicated.

The price of the gadget might seem to be an excess but then one has to understand that owning a Harley Davidson is a matter of class and sophistication. In such a situation, it is fitting that one pays due respect to the creation that helps in bringing together the vintage and the contemporary era. A revolution of a kind, the DashLink Docking Console brings out the best in both appliances and helps the user not to compromise on any of his priorities – riding a Harley and using an iPhone or an iPod at the same time.

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Via: Hell’s Fondry