Phillips Econova Green TV Works With Solar-Powered Remote

A brilliant invention for the eco-conscious people, Phillips has rightly taken the best step by launching its green TV the Philips Econova that on every step will save energy and let you save this earth.

Phillips Econova Green TV

At a time when the world is crying for the problems arising from global warming, this new introduction from the Phillips group is commendable and the best part is that the remote control of this green TV too can be operated in a very eco-friendly way. Its remote control does not need disposable batteries, it runs on solar power. So, that means you can charge these again and again by using the solar power and cut the extra costs. This green TV is currently available in Europe only.

The technical specifications of the Econova LED TV have taken it one step ahead of others and have also proved it that the LCD and LED TVs are the things that one must switch to if one is really careful about saving energy and this earth. This green TV consumes only 40 watts of energy if it runs in eco mode.

However, if kept in stand-by mode then surprisingly, the TV consumes just no energy, i.e., zero watts. Other than the consumption of energy, the manufacturing of the TV too is done in a very environment friendly way by recycling aluminum. Regarding the charging of the remote control, the only thing you will need to do is to place the remote control under the sun or simply anywhere that experiences sunlight.

At a time, when the multi-function and technically upgraded TVs are filling up the electronics market, this green TV is a revolutionary concept. There is every reason for one to opt for the Econova LED TV, a 42 inch LED TV. The recycled body and the remote control of this green TV by Phillips definitely is a plus point about it, but still there are certain negatives as well. According to some, although this TV will help them in saving energy, it is boring too. The boring thing is that if it is a rainy day and there is no sunlight then charging the remote control will be an issue.

But all said and done, Phillips must be appreciated for thinking out a concept that can do well to the eco-system. When the companies like Sony have come up with Internet TV or Google TV is also the most awaited device, the televisions that are purely eco-friendly will also make their space in the TV industry.

Via: Nexus404