The Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System: Saving Lives in a Unique Way

Scientific evidence estimates that at least 1.2 million people die worldwide every year as a result of drowning. That boils down to about two people every other minute. This is despite the mobilization of lifeguards on various coasts, trying their best to keep a watch on everyone and keep them safe. How terrific would it be if you could throw a lifebuoy to a person in need at that very instant, to keep him or her on the surface till proper help reaches them? Australian surfer and 23-year old grad, Samuel Adeloju’s James Dyson Award winning invention does just that!

The Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System, better known by its cooler alias, Buoyancy Bazooka, is a gadget that is rather handy that can be sported by life guards and coastal security. The main idea behind the invention is for fast transport of immediate support from a person on the shore to a person in the danger of drowning, within a 500 feet or 150 meter radius. Hence the name- ‘Longreach’. The bazooka-like device can belt out multiple life-saving rings at the time of need while the human and other required resources are deployed for the rescue mission.

The ‘rescue package’ is made up of ‘hydrophobic’ foam instead of inflatable tubes that in a swift instant expands and bloats into a full-fledged lifebuoy on contact with water. It also consists of a torch to illuminate the surroundings, night vision, and it attracts the attention of hovering helicopters for rescue. What is fantastic about this invention is that it propels this entire parcel of life saving tools easily as it is packed into a compact bundle. From a manufacturer point of view too, it is easy, inexpensive, and an instrument of definite utility. If used around the world by ship crews, fishing boats, luxury yachts, and coastal life guards, the number of deaths by drowning could be considerably brought down globally.

Besides, the Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System has a highly user-friendly design. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but also accurate and is accompanied by flares that act as flashlights, so as to aid the shooter to deploy the rescue package in a precise projectile.

Brought out by the young Sydney surfer dude, this wonder gadget is currently in its testing stages in a scientific environment in Australia and is likely to hit the market in the very near future.

Very soon, our beaches shall be safer. Thanks to the Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System.

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