Star Wars Arcade With a Fun New Twist!

Over the past year, the iPhone has had an incredible increase with the amounts of apps that its users can access. We’ve seen practical ones such as the GPS applications, and we’ve seen some that are not so practical, such as the light saber app. This new applications gears more toward the impractical side of the applications, though that does not make it any less fun.

Star Warz

This application game is a lot like the games that you’ll usually find on the iPhone or iTouch. This one is a first person shooter that is Star Wars themed. What makes this different is the fact that the background of the game is the actual surroundings that you are around.

In the Youtube video that is showing how the app works, the player is standing on a building rooftop and is shooting the others fighters through his city. It’s a pretty cool concept, but it has its drawbacks. There probably aren’t that many times where you will have enough interesting background where you will enjoy shooting things at. Not everyone lives in the city, and if you’re stuck playing at home I’m sure the wall isn’t the most exciting background to have an epic Star Wars battle in.

However, there is the tempting possibility to have the Battle around people’s head on the bus. It would be great for a temporary laugh before people start to think that you are filming them and laughing. That could potentially lead to problems, but then again, there are a lot of creepers on the bus.

This is an interesting concept that can be put to great use if the right mind is playing it. It definitely required some thought in order to make the concept interesting. It would be a great art project to create mural type backgrounds to have the battles in. Maybe in the future we’ll be seeing examples of that very thing.

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