Mind-blowing Map Pin Coasters

We all like to keep our tables and desks clean especially from coffee or tea stains. It just shows how organized we are; and after all, our tables and desks say a lot about our organization and what kind of a person we are.

Hence we use coasters to keep our tables and desks clean. And in today’s age with evolution of creative minds and designs, here is a product that when you see, you will tell yourself that you have seen them somewhere before…

Here is a set of coasters in the shape of Map pin coasters. If you have ever used Facebook (which I assume most of us do) you will be able to identify that there is an application on Facebook that is named, “Places I have visited” and allows you to pin the places you have been to, will be visiting in the near future, or those places that you plan to visit soon. These coasters are of a unique design and something that you must not have seen anywhere before.

These exquisite map pin coasters come in a variety of colors such as pink, grey, green, yellow, and so on. In every pack of your order you will receive a coaster kit with 6 units, which are all colorful and will make your table and desk look so much cooler. These coasters can be used for hot as well as cold items, as they are made of rubber that can stand low and high temperatures.

Don’t worry about your coasters getting dirty, as these are very washable and can be reused over and over again, to give you the feeling that these coasters are very new every time you use them. And all these great features come for a reduced price of $19.99.

These coasters are selling out real fast so make sure you get your hands on one of these before they run out of stock! So if you are a Facebook fanatic, a clean freak, or someone who likes to own unique and new designed products, this is the right product for you as it will make your drinking experience and your beverage taste so much more interesting and pleasurable.

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