Quick Silver Search Rod for the Bounty Hunters

Searching for ‘hidden’ treasures on the beach or just about anywhere is an exciting, and sometimes rewarding, pastime. It is common to see people on sunny beaches with a metal detector in their hand searching for something valuable underneath grains of sand. Imagine you have a tip from a very reliable source that a precious item is hidden somewhere in your neighborhood beach. You immediately set out with your trusted metal detector and sun hat. A couple of hours later, when you point the metal detector at a particular spot, it beeps away like a little bird. Your hands hurriedly dig the sand away from the spot only to realize it is a tossed away metal locket.

For all the bounty hunters out there who have had frustrating experiences, there is now an upgraded version of the ancient metal detector. Bounty Hunters, the people who have an impressive portfolio of detectors, have released their newest offering called ‘Quick Silver’. The name itself implies that finding silver should be quick and easy with this new thing.

Quick Silver is a new age version of the old metal detector. The new kid on the block comes in an appealing design and sports features that make its competition look like relics. Bounty hunting has never been cooler than with Quick Silver.

Metal detectors of yore would often lead its user down the wrong path. If that was not enough, detectors could scan only for a limited range and would not function if the waves came rushing in. There was also the problem of the hands aching after a particularly long search session.

Quick Silver has 4-segment digital targeting identification and push-button discrimination that allow users to eliminate a certain range of metals. No more finding tossed away lockets with this new age detector. If the user were to encounter wet conditions, the bounty scanner has an eight-inch open face interchangeable waterproof search coil.

Other impressive additions include a high contrast LCD panel, touchpad control panel, and a comfortable hand grip. No more sore hands even if you spend hours searching for valuable metals with Quick Silver. To top it off, the new age detector comes with a cool-looking carry bag which has ‘Bounty Hunter’ written in bold. Searching for metal has never been more professional.

If you love to search for things and would also like to turn heads at the same time, the Quick Silver from Bounty Hunter is your search rod. One can own the bounty hunter search rod at $149.95 only.

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