Cyber Ops Bumblebee Action Figurine: Courage Comes in All Sizes

Bumblebee may be considered the ‘little’ brother amongst and the taller and stronger Autobots of the Transformers universe. When it comes to courage and bravery, however, the yellow tinted Autobot is as brave as they come. This was clearly evident in the two Transformers movie where Bumblebee had the most important role of protecting the protagonist, Sam Witwicki, from the evil Decepticons. In the first Transformers, the lion-hearted Bumblebee loses both his legs in the climatic action scene. In spite of this setback, he hitches a ride with Mikaela and continues to defend young Sam with his arms that transform into blaster guns. The sequel has the yellow colored bot takes over the prime protector of Sam Witwicki after the death of Optimus Prime.

If you have ever wanted a heroic, cool, transforming protector, then you should check out the Transformers Cyber Ops Bumblebee available on The Cyber Ops Bumblebee is a model-sized version of the yellow tinted Autobot as seen in the movie franchise. The big difference is that you could only see the feisty Bumblebee in the movies, whereas with the Cyber Ops Bumblebee you get to do all the neat things the changing Autobot does on screen.

Bumblebee transforms into a cool Chevrolet Camaro in the movie. The Cyber Ops Bumblebee allows you to do the same. With a few twists and turns, the user can convert the action figure into a Camaro, and transform it back into the robot avatar. The arms of the toy can be changed into massive cannon armor by just flipping the arms to the side.

The Cyber Ops Bumblebee is one of those rare action figurines that comes loaded with features and surprises- just like Bumblebee itself. When the toy model is in vehicle mode, it produces realistic engine noises and car sound effects that put you in the driving seat. You can also unlock different movie phrases and sounds in both robot and vehicle mode. In robot mode, when Bumblebee is ready to attack, the cannons on the shoulder light up when fired and a mask automatically flips down, showing the face of the toy: one of the coolest features.

The Bumblebee action figurine sores a perfect ten on realism and detailing with a matching yellow color tone and amazing mechanical and gear articulations on the body, which is to be expected since it is a Hasbro toy model. Highly recommended for kids of all ages. It is priced at $49.99.

This is indeed exciting. But to have more fun, try putting on Bumblebee Costume and enjoy a Bumblebee Transformers Cake.