15 Coolest Skull Themed Gadgets

There must be a reason why those overly obsessed with digital gadgets are called “geeks”. Who else would be so interested in skulls that they have to make every gadget out of it?

But if you are thinking that geeks have weird taste, you are probably wrong. Those skull inspired gadgets can sometimes be cool enough to make any beholder utter in awe for the creator’s imagination. Below are 15 coolest skull themed gadgets. They are anything, from a USB, a DVD Player, a camera to a phone.

Skull Phone

Not only does this charming skull-shaped object make and receive calls but its eyes also flash when there’s an incoming call.  Stomping all over your novelty hamburger phone, this $25 landline effort is just the thing to call your goth buds on.

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Skull Desk Phone

As classic as it is, this skull desk phone will bring you back to the era of 19th century pirates. With everything deadly authentic to details: the bony handheld and the hand grabbing the heart, this skull phone will make the most chicken-hearted kids want to put their hands on it.

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Skull Pinhole Camera

The competition among skull inspired creators was taken to an ultimate new level with a real skull gadget. This pinhole camera is made from a skull of a 13 year old girl. The creator, Wayne Martin Bleger, makes great use of true organs and combines so with metals and precious stones providing an extremely freaky camera for scary photography. Innovative or morbid? You have to judge it yourself.

Steampunk Sheep Skull Mouse

Made out of a real sheep’s skull and brass, this skull mouse is bound to turn heads, as well as scare off some people that happen to see it. The creator, Ivan Mavrovic, does want to reassure people that the poor sheep died of a natural death and that he didn’t kill the sheep just to create a sadistic looking mouse.

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Terminator 2 Skull DVD Player

Here comes a gadget that any fan of Terminator 2 will kill to have. Not only is it a perfectly detailed replica of the signature endoskeleton skull, but also a DVD Player to enjoy your latest action movies. Highly collectible.

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Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle

The package includes the cast metal belt buckle, 1GB media player, LED light module, and stereo earphones – all that you need to enjoy your new belt in style. The skull MP3 player belt buckle with its amazing features and design is a ticket to outdo your geeky peers and impress any girl that you plan to hit on.

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Skull MP3 Player

Crafted in the exact dimensions of a human skull with a smooth cranium, hollow eyes and nose cavity, a square jaw shaped in a perpetual smile, and a perfect set of teeth, this USB-based MP3 player was designed not only to grab attention, but also provide an impressive set of functional features. It has a high contrast LED indicator, a plug-and-play user interface, a micro SD card and a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be connected to a host of tech gadgets.

Skull Pocket Watch

The high-end timepiece is a pocket watch that is shaped like a human skull. Though its design may be a bit edgy, the fine artisanship of the skull inspired pocket watch elevates it to an aristocratic level. The inner cavity of the pocket watch is crafted from pure 18k gold, and rests below the marble body. If you wish to own a piece of aristocratic history that will distinguish you from the rest, you will need to shell out a good $18,000 for the Skull Pocket Watch.

Skull Speakers

If you’re one who has unhealthy fascination with skull-shaped gadgets, then this pair of Skull Speakers will be the essential one to spice up your territory. The blue glow along with the evil dead look could be an addition of character or a ‘don’t mess with me’ signal.

Screaming Skull USB Speakers

How cool is that to have a couple of skulls screaming your favorite music at you? Powered by USB, these creepy speakers are shaped exactly like the human screaming skulls and they will definitely wow your friends!

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Skull Earphones

The avid music fans of the genre of rock, metal, Gothic metal, and the heavy stuff would definitely be enticed by the earphones that are in the shape of skulls. This pair of skull earphones doesn’t look creepy at all, but chic and elegant.

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Motion-Detecting USB Skull

If you are kind of creepy mean person that wants to frighten kids to death, this USB Motion Sensor Skull will be your best friend. It can light up when someone comes by and even make some strange noises to frighten any passerby.

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Skull USB Ring

The designer of these skull USB rings did a great job for their simplicity and practicality. They are small, fit around your finger, and provide you a USB flash drive with a storage size of 2GB.

Skull USB Hub 1

In a world of all inanimate-looking modern gadgets found on your desk like laptops, computers, cables; something classic like a USB hub in the shape of a skull is very likely to bring you back inspiration to your work or study. It also doubles as a pen holder to store your desktop accessories and keep your space neat. The skull hub has 4 USB 2.0 ports and costs $28.98 each.

Skull USB Hub 2

Released by Brando, this skull USB Hub was built with a bling bling feel to it instead of the original bone-colored plastic design. The shiny silver USB 2.0 compatible memory features a pair of red crystal eyes, a 4GB storage capacity, and it can be worn like a necklace using the included lanyard.

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