iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android Phone Wars – Comic Strip for a Good Laugh!

We all know and are aware that in today, if we use outdated technology or software among other things, we are seen by our peers as weird and slow. Although, there are some people who would rather go old school than keep updated with change; as they don’t want to keep learning how to operate new technologies and other things every now and then, or some don’t just have the time. But there are some people who think it’s cool to use new technology and try to make the most of it.

So basically there are two kinds of people, yet, there is another class which divides people by their phone devices and whether they use 3G, 2G, or none of these at all.

The three main brands in the phone device market are Apple, Android, and the Research in motion’s BlackBerry. It’s getting crazy how these three huge brands are competing against each other and how the marketing strategy of one brand changes with the strategy of another’s. So, here is a comic that sums up the war between the users of these three brands, Apple’s iPhone, Android, and Research in motion’s BlackBerry. This comic is hilarious and gets better as we get into the details of the comic and the jokes.

The comic strip basically is describing how smartphone users see each other. They all think their smartphone is superior to the other brands available and people using the other brands are weird and/or different and don’t belong to the group of their smartphone smarties.

The comic starts by describing how a typical iPhone user sees users of other brands i.e. Android and BlackBerry. The users of iPhone usually think of themselves to be really hip and cool, and that no one else can ever be like them; BlackBerry users think of iPhone users to be childlike and juvenile; and users of Androids think of iPhone users to be Goths.

It then goes on to a typical Android user. Android users usually see themselves to be really smart and intelligent; iPhone users think Android users are nerds and geeks (no offense to the real nerds and geek, after all being nerdy and geeky is really cool!); and people using BlackBerry’s think of Android users as a random guy just trying to fit into a situation.

The comic then goes on to explain about BlackBerry users and perception of other people. BlackBerry users generally tend to think of themselves as smart, intelligent, and professionals (more like the BlackBerry boys song); iPhone users think that BlackBerry is for people who are old and outdated, as iPhone users think there is so much more variety and apps available with the iPhone; and lastly, Android users tend to think of BlackBerry users as extinct, since Androids are the new and the next generation smartphone.

And to wrap it up, Smartphone users see the old 2G users, as trying so hard to fit into the environment of 3G, that they would even collect donations to switch to 3G. It’s a good comic, as it aptly summarizes the war going on between the users of the top three brands of the smartphones available in the market today!

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Via: Csectioncomics