Wooden Ferrari V12 Engine Replica

Car fans will probably love this one. One of the biggest names in race-class cars is Ferrari, and while not many of us can actually afford one, the very sound of its engine is enough to enthrall car buffs. But what if you could own an exact wooden replica of Ferrari’s V12 Engine? Well, now you can.


An Australian Carpenter-Cabinetmaker designed and built this replica Colombo engine to look exactly like the real thing, with the exception of the wooden color, of course. The design is meant to be a decoration piece for anyone willing to pay the US$7,000, because of the amazing level of detail and accuracy.


The design is obviously more than just wood, but most of it is actually wood, including the piping, which looks like PVC from a distance. The wood also features the Ferrari brand carved into a couple of the panels. It really looks like a lot of work were put into this, and it goes into a lot of detail, with even the most minute features such as specific dips and bumps.


The replica also incorporates cables and springs that are intended to, in a real engine, turn the cylinders. All the details look very nice, and it definitely is something of a collectible for car fans.


The details and the finishing look pretty amazing, and all the sockets and plugs look like they would fit in a real vehicle, if not for the fact that it’s a model made of wood.


It’s pretty amazing, because, and what I find to be really neat is, even the bolts are wooden, and the artist did a really good job with all the detail work.


It’s again really hard to tell, but even the cables and springs earlier mentioned; if you look up close, also seem to be made of wood. It’s a really impressive piece which is completely carved out of wood, and looks really good.


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Via Gizmowatch