Origami Sleeve for iPad

The iPad can be rated as the most selling gadget in history. On its opening day, more than 1 million iPads were sold and that for sure is an achievement for Apple. Not only that, thousands of accessories have been produced and sold to date.

People just love the iPad mania and well, who wouldn’t? But, there is always one problem that usually people face which is that you of course need a sturdy sleeve for your iPad and on the other hand, you need an iPad stand too because you can’t really hold it up every time. So, ask yourself, have you ever seen an iPad accessory that works as a sleeve as well as a stand? Anyone? No? To be honest, such accessories have not been really created until now.

Yup, we are talking about the Origami Sleeve for iPad which works as a sleeve as well as a stand. You are surprised aren’t you? Well, even I was when I first heard about it but when I saw it, I was simply impressed. This is a great accessory.

How does it work?

First off, this Origami Sleeve is from Incase. And, this can be folded into an iPad stand. You can make it a vertical or a horizontal stand, whatever you wish. Now, tell me, wouldn’t you want a sleeve which you can fold into a stand when you want to watch a movie or surf the net? Everyone would want that I am pretty sure of it. Usually, it is a pain to carry along a stand and a sleeve but with this accessory, you get the relief of simply carrying your iPad in the sleeve and whenever you want to use a stand, you can simply fold it into one.

Here is the best part – the sleeve also comes with a slip-entry closure which keeps your iPad safe. Moreover, the inner part is made of faux-fur so your iPad is safe from scratches and stuff. I still haven’t told you the price right? Well, that is actually the biggest surprise which will make you go head over heels for this accessory. The price of this thing is just $35 which is like cheaper than most of the sleeves you get out there!

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Via: Cool Material