Samsung Printer Concept

This may not be of interest to a lot of you because the office environment isn’t exactly a place you want to think about on the weekends, but to those of you who take pleasure in the newest office and productivity based technology, this concept might just be mind-blowing.


This is Samsung’s delightful new office printer design.

Okay, so maybe I ripped off the image, but basically, this is a concept design for the new office printer that has actually been completed by the team of Kristen Beck, Mike Seehafer, Nate Bullock, and Alan Dickinson, who work with Samsung office printers. The design basically resembles a standing photocopier/printer at an office, but differs in a couple of innovative ways.


Apart from the fact that it will feature some of the newest scanning and printing technology, it will also work with a touch screen and sensor.


The touch screen ripples to show that it is responding to touch, which makes it pretty cool to look at. Overall, this won’t make the office function any better than another top-of-the-line printer, but it will make people want to go and look at it.


The interface doesn’t look too bad, and I’m not sure what the above picture entails, but maybe it means that you can make photocopies even with the top up, so you can copy/scan the larger books and bound pages. This makes it good for some specific offices where they deal with large books.


When the copies and print outs are done, the printer tray will glow to let you know what tray they end up in, so you won’t be confused trying to find your work.


The design over all looks good, and probably fits well for an office space. Not to mention, there’s an opening underneath where you can store the boxes of printer paper you might need to refill it with, because you just might be using it enough to visit it several times a day.

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