SenseFly’s Sky Camera: Your Eye in the Sky

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Swinglet Cam by SenseFly! The Swinglet Cam is a unique concept incorporating photographic and avionic equipment. Albeit not a new concept, its practical and efficient.

Do not let the Swinglet Cam’s appearance fool you. It might look like a miniature stealth bomber or some other piece of advanced alien technology out the scope of understanding for us mere mortals. When it comes down to the simplicity of photography, it is basically just a user friendly flying camera that poses no threat to its operator, or the environment, for that matter.


To activate the flying camera requires nothing more than three shakes, and a nudge in the right direction as you can see from the video clip below. Apart from the three shakes, everything else is automated, it takes off and lands by itself. You don’t need to be a master pilot in order to operate the Sky Cam. User-defined GPS points can be input and it will follow the automated course, taking high resolution images as it goes about completing the route set out. The entire flight plan can be defined before hand, including at which specific areas it should take pictures.


Live flight plan control is also available, meaning the route can be altered while the Sky Cam is in flight, simply by making the necessary changes to the custom designed software and the GPS points. The photo’s are also taken automatically (you can however control the camera and its angle from ground level) and the high resolution images are available as soon as the Sky Cam lands. Simply download the images from the photo camera. This is ideal for taking pictures that span over a wide area like cities, towns, and various other landmarks for example.

To pack it up is just as simple and effortless as unpacking. Once the Sky Cam lands and you have downloaded your images, it simply clicks back into it’s carry case. The whole process of packing/unpacking shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. It can truly be said that the Sky Cam from SenseFly is your “eye in the sky.”

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Via: LikeCool