Star Wars Wall Mural – Giving You a New Ray of Hope and Enjoyment

After a long tiring day, all you want to do is go back home, enjoy and relax in your room. The interiors of your room are done according to your style and choice, so when you are in your room, you can feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Here is such a product that is on the lines of decorating the interiors of your room. This one is specially a shout out to all the Star Wars fans in the house, which is most of us, I assume. The product is a full sized wall mural, from Roommates XL murals, that features the original artwork for Star Wars from episode IV- A New Hope.

So every time you return to your room, you have the feeling that you are in your Star Wars world and will also give you a new hope, every time you happen to see that poster. This poster looks great which ever room it will be put into, as it has a nice color combination on the wall mural.

So, if you are bored of the looks of your room now, or like the interiors of your room but want to make a certain change, the time is right as you have found the one thing that was missing from your room to make it look perfect. The mural comes in a number of strips, this makes it easier for us to install and remove it. This wall mural measures approximately 9 feet tall X 15 feet wide, and by putting this poster up on the walls of your room you can live back in the time of 1977, which is something all of us wish we could do.

The wall mural of A New Hope from the Star Wars do not have a peel and stick technology like the other wall murals, that often tend not to stick to the wall straight and leave little air bubbles, this won’t happen with this wall mural as the Roommates XL murals are printed on a revolutionary pre-pasted material called the Sure Strip that makes it easier for you to install a large life sized wall mural. These wall posters are basically very easy to install and remove, as they have a brush which needs to be dipped in warm water, which is then applied on to the wall before hanging the poster up. And to remove the poster from the wall all you have to do is pick two corners of the mural and start peeling it of the wall, and the strips of the mural come out in a matter of seconds.

This wall mural has been made for the ultimate Star Wars fan, and if you think you are one of the fans, you would not be a true fan, until you have this A New Hope wall mural in your possession for a great price of  $254.99

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