RGB LED Tetris Game

Who says that the Tetris game has gone old school? Some legends always live such as the Pacman and the Tetris game. And, the proof for this is that even today people are trying their best to incorporate the latest technology with these old school games.

This RGB LED Tetris Game is an example of it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, what you are seeing in this picture is the brainchild of Stanislav Ponomarev.

Stanislav worked long enough with his NerdKit Microcontroller to develop this outstanding RGB LED Tetris Game. So, if you have been thinking that Tetris is an old phenomenon now, I think you should change your thinking now because this LED Tetris is more fun and more thrilling than any of the Tetris versions ever before!

In this image, the ICs are lined up from left to right in the following sequence:
• 3 ‘74ACT04PC’ ICs working as HEX Inverter

• Then a ‘SN74154N’ 4-to-16 decoder

• Then a ‘CD4520BE’  4-bit up counter

• Then an ‘ATmega168P’ AVR’s microcontroller which was included in the NerdKit’s package.

• Then the ‘LM34’ temperature sensor is directly attached to the Analog-to-digital converter which is integrated within the microcontroller.

• And finally 6 ‘M74HC4094B1R’ on the bottom row – 8-bit shift registers. The latches of these attached via SPI interface of the microcontroller.

The overall of functionality is quite simple. The Up-counter area maintains track of the row which is currently being shown. The 4-to-6 decoder is responsible for converting 4-bit binary number from the up-counter in 16 diverse lines. Similarly, the first decoder has low outputs for the current value. If these transistors were not integrated, the LEDs would have been dimmer. Therefore, these were quite important to integrate.

This device is actually not completed yet so we will keep you updated with the progress. Right now, I am quite thrilled watching this RGB LED Tetris. I mean, I never thought that the brick game I used to play on the portable console will one day be this big. It’s truly a very fascinating invention so hats off to you Stanislav!

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Via: Hacked Gadgets