Laser-Powered Quadrocopter Stayed Afloat for 12 hours

A record-breaking invention has shortly made its entry in the techno world and it has been recognized as a helicopter that runs on laser power and is the latest invention of the LaserMotive.

laser-powered helicopter

The technologies used in its making and the designing of the helicopter or to say the quadrocopter reveal all great efforts and calculations behind its growth. One such minute but notable factor about the helicopter is that this vehicle has photovoltaic panels that is tied around its belly. The reason for doing so is that this panel helps in absorbing the laser light that creates power for operating the helicopter.

Now coming to the main point, this laser powered helicopter has been tagged as the record-breaking helicopter of its kind just because it can keep hovering on a height of 30 feet for 12 hours which has not yet been touched by anything else. It even broke the previous records of LaserMotive. This record of the helicopter has been appreciated worldwide and so is the work of the LaserMotive. The quadrocopter can be controlled by a remote control.

LaserMotive is a specialist R&D company that has been manufacturing laser power beaming. The instances of achievements of this company are many, out of which winning the 2009 NASA-patronized Power Beaming Competition is one. Now, with this invention LaserMotive undoubtedly has been able to gain much of the appreciation and applause.

The Co-founder and also working as the president of the company, Mr. Tom Nugent in his statement says that this is just the base of a great flying future and based on the demo of this helicopter, he believes that in the future there will be even better technologies and results in the flights. He also stated that this was their first public appearance where they have displayed their laser powered helicopter.

This new innovation can be of good use in any sector and out of those, the military sector is considered to be the one which will be highly aided. As the defense sector already has unmanned aerial vehicles and annually a big amount is being spent, the laser powered helicopter will be one greatly useful thing for the militaries.

So, with this world record now, LaserMotive has proven it again that if efforts and technologies can be paired up with an aim of doing something revolutionary, then any shocking invention is possible and the laser powered helicopter by LaserMotive is the best ever example of that.

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