Banish the Black Holes in Your Couch with the Lost in Sofa Concept

Tokyo-based artist, Daisuke Motogi’s “lost in sofa” concept adds a functional aspect to the cracks in the couch.Lost in Sofa Side
Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you take a trip down memory lane by recovering some things from the crevices of your couch which you thought were long gone? Last time around,

I recovered tons of change which eventually paid for my dinner. It’s amazing what you can find in there.

Lost in Sofa Artist

I’ve always had a soft spot for Swedish and Japanese minimalist design. Daisuke Motogi’s sofa concept adds a useful twist to a long-standing household problem. The sofa is made up of small cubes that gently grasp anything that you place amidst them. The design was presented at DesignTide Tokyo 2010, an annual design event that takes place in late autumn.

Lost in Sofa Insert

As illustrated in the images, you can have your stuff orbiting around you, so every time you decide to take a break from TV, your favorite book is right within your reach. It also means you can relax properly on the couch, without having to keep bulky items in your pockets for easy access, from smart phones to remote controls and even cups of your favorite coffee. Heck, if you can find a way to sustain it, you could even have a small bonsai tree growing on the side. It’s about time the couch became something more than just a potato dock.

Lost in Sofa Concept
Fancy functionality aside, how does it fare in the area couches are made for? The pictures make it look pretty comfy, and none of those awful designs which sink you in, making it a chore for you to get back up on your feet. I’d love for this concept to be picked up by a store like Ikea. After all, if you have to splurge for a minimalist piece of furniture, that’s kind of missing the point, isn’t it?

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Via: Design Boom