Zoom Into the Future: Concept Jet Bike

Since the inception of humanity,  “man” has always striven to go faster. The invention of the wheel to the steam engines to v16 engines and fuel injection systems, all have the sole purpose of making one go at insane speeds. And, this concept jet-bike by Dario Cavaliere from Italy might just be the next level in madness.

The rugged design with smooth contours can simply be described as magnificent or simply, very Italian. Since, the mechanical design seems to be inspired by Ferrari, the Italian automotive giant, it’s done in “Rosso corsa” i.e. the international color symbol of Italy in motor racing.

Powered by four rear thrusters, it’s capable of transonic to supersonic speeds. Hence, its aerodynamic design is absolutely essential for jet propulsion with maximum fuel efficiency. The minimal frontal cross section of the craft minimizes air resistance and a forward reverse-thruster ensures it stops dead in its tracks whenever you hit the brakes.

Four flight stabilizers and ergonomic seating ensures the daily commute on a jet-powered bike seems like a ‘breeze.’ The front display panel incorporates the GPS and the on-board computer, keeping all the engine anomalies in check.

With no vertical thrusters, this model probably is land based for the futuristic sonic highways. But, surely the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) might just be the next one in line.

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All the adrenalin junkies might just go cryogenic just so they can drive this baby.