17 Robots with Rhythm: Singing and Dancing Robots

It is obvious that the future of robotics is very bright, although today, interaction between robots and human does not take place every day, these mechanically intelligent machines do affect us indirectly.

Scientists and research organizations are constantly working on making these machines more intelligent, efficient, and capable. Today the field of robotics is very vast and includes people from various professions. Anyways, here we have these 17 great singing and dancing robots which promise us some unique and fresh entertainment.

Yamaha’s Singing HRP-4C

At CEATEC last year, Yamaha demonstrated its modified HRP-4C robot. This impressive robot can take requests from a pre-selected list of songs on an iPhone. The robot is by no means as good as an actual human musician, but it’s really beautiful and can sing pretty well.


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20 Nao Robots Dancing In Sync

Aldebaran Robotics, a company which is not Japanese but French put up a really great show at the Shanghai World Expo this year. The performance featured robots dancing in unison to French Composer, Maurice Ravel’s Bolero. I personally did not find the dance to be really impressive, but the robots all needed was a better choreography or maybe I don’t understand dancing. Anyways, these Nao Robots seem really great and if you have a big pocket then you can get one for 10,000 Euros.


This Robot just Listens and Improvises

This is Haile, a Robot Drummer and possibly the best in the business. A group of students have created this mechanical percussionist who listens to what you play and then adds its own beats. If your beats go on for some time this drummer robot will join you and start improvising in sync.


Quasi Singing Robot Parade

You may have heard about “They Might Be Giants” a band famously known for its experimental style of alternative music. Well, Quasi is one of their biggest fans and it loves singing Robot Parade, so give it a listen and let us know how good he is.



Robot B9

Okay, so Quasi did well, but for unknown reasons I really love Robot B9, it is singing When Monster want to Dance by Joanna Sandsmark and it makes me feel that he is the most appropriate candidate for a role of a singing robot in a Fallout Movie, if they ever make one.


Dancing Robot Hexapod

Students from Upper Austria University of Applied Science created this amazing dancing robot hexapod, moving it to the beats of Lou Bega, this robot is surely a great entertainer. The robot was introduced at the Hexapod Robot competition and yes it did take home the trophy.


Hexapod Best of Dance

So, you saw the dancing hexapod, but these are dancing Hexapods and they remind me of a famous cliché, ‘the more the merrier.’ These robot hexapods are pulling off some great moves and now they are more entertaining to watch.


Dancing Samurai Robot

At the Hajime restaurant in Thailand you will experience some great robotic ambiance, thanks to this dancing Samurai robot. The robot delivers and clears the food which customers can order using a touchscreen panel and to make the experience really unique, the robot also dances for the restaurant’s customers.


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Three Robots Dancing to Nobody

These three robots programmed by a South Korean guy named Yongchul Lee know the right moves. They are dancing to a song called “Nobody” by Wondergirls and the more you watch, the more entertaining it gets.


The Roboclarinet

This is one great achievement in robotics, at the Artemis Orchestra Competition, guys from NICTA demonstrated this brilliant robot clarinet player which won the first price in the competition. The clarinet is being played by quite a few robotic fingers to the tune of Flight of the Bumblebee. The most interesting and entertaining part of the performance is the speed and precision of the robot.


Aurora Boys Robots

These robots are named Aurora Boys and they are capable of talking, singing, and dancing to entertain their masters. Although, it is not the best entertainment out there, it is quite a lot of fun to watch them perform, but not for a long time.


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Titan the Singing Robot

Man it looks so dangerous, but apparently this robot has a really soft heart or whatever that is pumping it. So don’t be frightened by its looks because it is quite talented and one of the best entertaining robot on our planet. It cannot only sing, but can do over 50 catch phrases from various movies.


Titan Dancing with his Two Brothers

Believe me they have no intentions to scare you, or do they? Maybe they will just entertain us for a few more years and then will come an army of Titan robots ruling over planet Earth, who knows? Well, but that is not happening for now and here they are, the three Titan robots doing some decent dancing.


The Trons, a Robot Band

These are The Trons, a fully robotic band from New Zealand made up of four robot members playing guitars, drums, and keyboard. They have Ham – the frontman handling the vocals and rhythm guitar, Wiggy – the lead guitarist, Swamp – the drummer, and Fifi –  keyboard player, any clues yet?


12 R2’s Dancing in Sync

So the Nao Robots where cool, but what appeals me more is the famous R2D2 from the Star Wars universe and when the 12 of them come together for a synchronized dance, it is nerdgasmic for many.


Pole Dancing Robots

These robots are created by Giles Walker and are a part of the Mutate Britain exhibition. It is a bit awkward to watch a pole dancing robot and it reminds of Bender, the robot jerk from Futurama and his weird robotic fantasies.


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Bossa Nova’s Dancing Penbo

This is a robot developed by Bossa Nova Robotics which is called the Penbo, and is meant for children from 4 to 8 years of age. It can dance, response to touch, and there is a surprise for which you will have to watch the video. It can be purchased for $79.


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