My First Bacon Makes Breakfast Huggable

Think of your average stuffed animal that your kid would take to bed and you’re probably bombarded with cutesy imagery. I know what you’re thinking, probably something along the lines of a stuffed teddy bear or maybe even a dolphin that you picked up at the local aquarium.That doesn’t mean that breakfast foods don’t have their place though, am I right? This “My First Bacon” talking plush makes slaughtered animal meat smiley and huggable, even with the obvious lines of lard throughout his squishy body. Our little bacon friend here has a mechanical animated mouth and is suited for kids (or kids at heart) of at least age 3 (damn I don’t qualify). When you do give him a hug, he’ll yell in delight “I’m bacon!” While the idea here is to get your kid to love meat, I’m afraid there’s the possibility that your kid will become a a vegan when he goes to eat breakfast and finds he’s biting his buddy’s head off. If the materials don’t look all that soft to you, think again. His porky exterior  is made up of velvet flesh and super soft fleece fat. That sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? What do you expect from a product that’s stated purpose is to “teach your kids to love bacon, not pigs.” The price on this little guy won’t give you a heart attack either, as he clocks in at only $19.99. If you’re looking for some other unorthodox stuffed food, you can check out these plush sushi dolls. I guess that’s for when you actually want your kid to become a vegetarian. If you want plushies that can defend your yard against a horde of slavering undead baddies, there’s also the Plants vs Zombie toys.