Party with the Shiny Disco Ball Lampshade

We all love going to parties, and/or throwing parties for our loved and dear ones. And when throwing a party, we always want to make sure that everything is just perfect, so that our invited guests can have a great and memorable time.

So, here is a product that will help you make your party organization and décor be perfect. This product is a lampshade. Now, you must be thinking: what’s the big deal about a lampshade, I’ve seen way too many of these in my life. Trust me; this lampshade is different to any lampshade you have ever seen. This lampshade has been made to enhance your light experience and change the mood of the people in the same room as the lit up lamp.

At the bottom of the lampshade, there is a shiny disco ball, on which the light falls and creates the light effect, as if you are in a club or a discotheque. Now, isn’t that awesome? Who wouldn’t love that kind of effect at their parties?

The lampshade has spate lenses that are included in the lamp bowl holding the bulb, which makes the different shapes and colors, that will then be reflected on the shiny disco ball. These different shapes and colors will make you feel like you are literally in a club as the designs include swirls, hearts, and moons. This sassy and cool lampshade comes for a great price of $34.95 only.

The shape and design of the light you want to be reflected on the shiny disco ball can be adjusted in a very simple process. All one has to do is adjust the height of each lens. You can also change the direction of the luminous shapes by simply slanting the body of the projector.

So, if you have the right music, décor, food, and a perfect place to party, all you need is this luminous lampshade with the shiny disco ball to make your party come alive!

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