Turn your Old NES into a Retro and Funky Wireless Router

Recently we told you about how you can turn your old NES into a DVD player and today, we are going to tell you how to turn your NES into a wireless router. Come to think of it – this one is actually better to hack than the previous one.

Having a wireless router made of an old NES is for sure something unique, trendy, and something that can turn all eyes onto you. So let’s get started?

The basics are actually pretty simple. All you need to do is to open up the cartridge and detach the circuitry from the NES frame. Now, replace this circuitry with a Belkin wireless router. Don’t worry, you can actually replace the circuitry with any router you want provided it can fit the frame. Next, you need to solder the circuit board of the router. The thing is that most of the wireless routers have circuits that can’t easily fit in the NES frame so you need to tweak them a bit. You will need to remove the capacitors. Also, you will need to rewire the board. That’s it – your old school funky wireless NES wireless router is ready!

Now, imagine when your friends will look at this router, wouldn’t they be surprised for a while wondering what exactly is that thing. You can tell them that it was a limited edition offered by the NES a decade back and you got it. Prank them a bit and then tell them the truth. I am sure they will be all amused with your creativity. We don’t mind if you don’t tell them that you took the hack from here.

Here are some additional precautions you might need to adhere to:

– Delicately remove the screws or else you can damage the cartridge.

– Make sure the router does not get damaged while you are transferring it and soldering it.

– Make sure you remove the plastic edge from the cartridge.

That’s it! Now have fun with your all new wireless router from Mars!

Via: Lifehacker

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