Detecting with a Difference: The UFO Effect

After having watched movies like ET, one starts to wonder about why aliens and UFOs only seem to appear in reel life and never in real life? One major reason is because when it comes to movies, the creators use their imagination and come up with appropriate situations to make the UFO and alien invasion appear real. In real life, however, there is no such device which can pinpoint the arrival of a UFO into our planet – or rather there was no such device – till now.

Edmund Scientific’s Scientifics has managed to come up with a unique UFO detector which will enable people to know whenever any UFO enters Earth. On a first glance, the invention might appear to be foolish, but fact remains that such an invention will go places because of the brevity involved in creating it.

Sighting a UFO has so far been riddled with conjectures and suppositions, but with the help of this invention, one can actually say with confidence that a UFO has been spotted. After all the humiliation and insults, the sureness that this gadget offers to the public regarding the sighting of a UFO is the ultimate selling point of this device.

The UFO Detector is powered by a 9V lithium battery and is encased in a see-through plastic case. The device picks up on variations in the magnetic and electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s airwaves, and signals the presence of a UFO by flashing an LED and beeping an alarm.

Furthermore, the device looks attractive as a showpiece and can be kept as such on a desk or shelf. The plastic cover along with the electronic parts inside the case makes the device really cool and superb – both as a showpiece and as an effective gizmo.

All one has to do to assemble the device is solder the electronic parts and glue the plastic parts as per the directions and the detector is ready to function. Additionally, the size of the detector is also not enormous making it easy to carry around. The device measures around 3 ¼ inches in diameter and is 5 ¾ inches tall.

Priced at $99.95, the detector is a gadget worth buying. In today’s world, almost everyone is interested in getting to know about life forms existing outside the planet Earth. Whether there is water on the moon or whether life existed on Mars is something that intrigues everyone today. In such a situation, it is fitting that one invests – and correctly – in a gadget like the UFO Detector so that one ends up proving to the sceptics about the existence of aliens and UFOs. After all, if one can’t be a Neil Armstrong, one can always be a scouting prospector – with success.

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