MicroSD Card Reader Watch

Who doesn’t love being a spy? Or pretending to be like a spy as portrayed in movies? The answer is all of us do!

Here is your chance to be like a spy, and feel special. How can you do that? The answer is very simple. By purchasing this stylish watch which has the ability to hold a microSD card in it. Isn’t that cool? Heck yes!

This MicroSD card reader watch has a stainless steel bezel, back cove,r and a buckle. It has the ability to support a MicroSD card without a card adapter and can also hold a USB cord in the watch.

So the next time you want to exchange some confidential or secret information with someone without other people around you knowing, all you have to do is wear this watch and load the data into the memory card and exchange it or show the information on a computer or laptop to the person you are trying to exchange the secret information with. This watch can also be a great tool for FBI agents or people involved in government jobs that require confidentiality with the work they do.

This watch is a great gadget as you can use it to play a game of spies with your friends, to add the additional touch of perfection by loading some important information on the SD card and exchanging it with your friends. You can also encourage your children by teaching them how important confidentiality is, by showing them the uses of this watch and explaining to them the advantages and disadvantages of secrecy, and other things.

Apart from its great features, this MicroSD card reader watch is very stylish and will look great on your wrist. This watch is waterproof, has a battery life of three years, and has the USB cord to read the information on the SD card. All you have to do is attach the USB cord to the computer and your computer will read the SD card like any other storage device. All these great features available in this watch for just $15.99, however, when purchasing this watch be mindful that the MicroSD card needs to be purchased individually. The watch comes with an extension cable, USB cable, and an instruction manual.

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