Watch Movies in 3D on your iPhone with Palm Top Theatre i3DG

View 3D Hologram movies on your iPhone or iPad today. No this isn’t a sales pitch from a store front in one of the Back to the Future movies. Palm Top Theatre i3DG is here now and, this strange clip on device for your iPhone or iPad is showing us what the future of cinema may well be like.

When I come across strange gadgets on the web I often catch myself trying to guess what they do before I start reading. The Palm Top Theatre i3DG is one of those strange devices that just threw me for a loop. Where I was expecting some kind of 3D viewer similar to the 3D we’ve come to know and love in the cinema, I got something straight out of a science fiction movie.

Palm Top Theatre i3DG

Check out the Palm Top Theatre video and all you’ll be left with is “Wow.” All you need is one times iPhone or iPad, clip the device in place and start your Palm Top theatre i3DG video file. The clip on device comes complete with a handy hinge that moves the device out of the way when time comes to use the movie player controls on your device. I love how simple the technology is. A simple clip on device with a few lenses. As easily as it could have been to make this device uber geeky and unsightly, the device somehow looks futuristic and striking and attaching the clip on Palm Top Theatre, pays dividends when the film (figuratively speaking) begins to roll. The 3D experience resembles holograms with action happening literally on your phone, rather than on it’s screen. You have to see it to understand.

The makers of the Palm Top Theatre i3DG will be doing content development workshops soon to engage the industry and acquaint them with how the Palm Top Theatre i3DG works and how content is created on the platform.

Palm Top Theatre i3DG preview

So perhaps in the not so distant future, our telephones will start producing 3D images of callers, allowing us to interact with 3D avatars of our contact list. Better still imagine the mobile 3D gaming possibilities when you’re able to battle out a boxing match in glorious actual 3D or have 22 football players running about with the surface of your smart phone turned into a football field. Sure that’s probably still a good way down the road technology wise. To be fair though, prior to reading this article, I was pretty sure that 3D phones were a fair way down the road too.

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Yes Palm Top Theatre i3DG is here. Advancements in phone technology don’t seem anywhere close to slowing down. Where will it all end? Finding that out anytime soon seems unlikely with creative minds like the guys behind the Palm Top Theatre.

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